Quality, Environment and RDI Policy

Once PROCIFISC is attentive to the changes and challenges it integrates a strategy of Quality, Environment, Safety and RDI, since they are fundamental factors in its activity, trying to satisfy the requirements and expectations of its customers, present/future employees and society in general, selecting as core values​​, professionalism, solidarity and honesty in defense of its ethical and professional values​​.

As a guarantee for employees, customers and to provide a good company performance, all employees take responsibility to comply with the provisions of SGQARDI and are committed to the following principles, which constitute the Quality Policy, Environment and RDI:

  • Accurately identify the requirements and expectations of the clients;
  • Continuously detect market needs;
  • Provide high quality services that fully meet the intrinsic needs of the customers and give them the guarantees that they want to gain their trust for future work;
  • Satisfy customers in consultancy, project and developments management in order to ensure their trust and loyalty;
  • Ensuring adequate conditions of hygiene, health and safety at work and the satisfaction, motivation, valorization and well-being of its employees.
  • Provide its employees with appropriate training in order to optimize resources and improve services;
  • Promote the training and experience of its employees and encourage them to innovate;
  • Maintain a policy of regular communication with customers, suppliers and society in general, to ensure that our core values ​​are known and available to anyone interested;
  • Establish partnerships with associations;
  • Through a proper response to each customer and an conscious view of their quality, we intend to meet their needs and their requirements ensuring absolute compliance with applyed legislation/regulations (national/international);
  • Maintain a policy of regular communication with customers, suppliers and society in general in order to to ensure permanent satisfaction;
  • Define its relations with its suppliers and subcontractors for a logical partnership, considering them an integral part of the system while maintaining an evaluation and classification of products and services to ensure their quality and compliance with environmental regulations;
  • Adopt an approach to mitigate environmental impacts in all activities, products and services. Environmental protection is a constant concern of PROCIFISC;
  • Establish objectives and targets to minimize our environmental impacts, continually improving the use of available resources;
  • Ensure that all employees understand and implement the policy and objectives of Quality, Environment and evento, and to propose improvements to the Quality, Environment and RDI Management System;
  • Ensure the compliance with environmental legal requirements and relevant product for the activities the company performs, either internally or by external partners or suppliers;
  • Implement the RDI Policy as a form of enhancement of new products and services to foreign markets, because the internationalization will certainly be an asset in the recognition and evolution of the company. The RDI supports the internationalization as the internationalization supports RDI. They are the two main vectors of future of the company.

PROCIFISC practice an attitude of openness to the exterior and interior. The institutional promotion and dissemination of the company are made ​​through the web site that includes information particularly relevant to customers and anyone interested, such as the Quality Policy, Environment and RDI.

Stored in the Procifisc intranet, is the relevant information about the System of Quality, Environment and RDI, including environmental aspects. Whenever information is updated the system sends a mail to all employees to inform them of the update.

PROCIFISC decided not to externally communicate its environmental aspects since they are not considered significant in the national panorama.


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